Dating Organically: The Art of Meeting People in Real Life

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Photo of a couple meeting at a party and the title of post, dating organically: the art of meeting people in real life.

While dating apps promise to simplify the process of connecting with potential partners, many professional women find that dating apps often fail to meet that promise. While online dating may be convenient, the potential partners often don’t seem worth the effort. 

If you are suffering from online dating burnout, organic dating may be a solution.

What is organic dating?

Dating organically is meeting the old-fashioned way, in person and in real life (IRL). It means getting out of the house, putting away your phone, and being open to connecting in everyday life. It means letting chance encounters lead you toward potential love interests. Ready to give it a try?

Here are some organic dating tips to help ensure success

Choose an activity that interests you

If you are trying organic dating, it might seem logical to select activities where you are most likely to meet men. That’s fine, provided that you enjoy the activity.

Different activities attract different types of people. Cultivating Bonsai appeals to a different type of person than going to sing Karaoke. If you are interested in trying something new,  give it a try.  But if not interested in something, don't force yourself to do it just to meet guys.

Have the right mindset

When you start dating organically, it may be tempting to see each new guy you meet as a potential love interest. Instead, approach each outing with the goal of meeting new people and enjoying yourself. Not every outing will lead to a romantic connection, and that's okay. The tango class you take may not lead you to your perfect match, ut you might meet someone who knows your perfect match.  By keeping an open mind and not putting too much pressure on any one outing, you can enjoy the process of getting to know the people that you meet without worrying about the outcome.

Engage in new activities regularly

Dating organically requires you to leave the comfort of your home and go places where there are other people. If you work from home and order your groceries online, make it a priority to get out of the house and socialize in person.  Remember that whether you are joining a new book group or a print-making class, it will take time to build connections. When you join a group or class make sure to attend regularly to ensure you spend the time necessary to build connection.

Be open to serendipity

Dating organically means embracing the spontaneity and the unpredictability of the process. You can expect a mix of great conversations, boring conversations, instant connections, and the occasional rejection. And just like online dating, there will be ups and downs.  By remaining open to serendipity you'll increase your chances of success

Practice makes perfect

For some people talking to strangers can be intimidating.  You may find that your social skills need some polishing, but the more you engage with new people, the more comfortable you'll become.

Focus on the present moment. Instead of worrying about what you'll say next or how the conversation will end, actively listen and lean into being curious about what they are saying. Ask questions to draw them out and learn more about them.

Don't try to be someone you're not to impress someone. Being yourself and letting your authentic personality shine through will make the experience more enjoyable.

Organic dating can be a fun way to meet new people, and potentially find love. By staying open to opportunities, practicing your social skills, and reducing social anxiety you can meet new friends and perhaps even find that special someone. Put down your phone, get out into the real world, and see where the universe takes you.

Good luck!

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