6 Essential Dating Tips for Professional Women

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Are you a professional woman who's finding it hard to find love? If you're struggling to balance work and dating, you're not alone. But don't worry, with a few simple changes, you can prioritize your love life while still pursuing your career goals. Here are six effective dating strategies to help you find love:

Make dating a priority

You make work a priority and if you want to find the right relationship for you, you are going to have to make finding love a priority too. This doesn't mean that you need to spend every free minute going on dates, but it does mean that you need to develop a process for meeting a steady stream of eligible partners every month. 

Be clear on what you're looking for

Knowing what you want in a partner will help you avoid wasting time on incompatible matches. Once you are clear on your must-haves and deal-breakers, you can develop a screening system to identify a partner who has the highest likelihood of success.

Have an efficient, effective dating process

Chances are when you looking for a prince, you may have to wade through a few frogs. That is why having an efficient, effective dating process is so important. Find a process that aligns with your goals and values,  and helps you to focus your efforts on those partners most likely to become your forever person.

Show up authentically

When you date, you aren’t looking for just any match, you are looking for the one right match for you. And the very best way to find that ideal match is to show your potential partners the true you. Not the "you" that you want to be someday, the person you are today—the person who runs late to meetings and forgets to pick up the dry cleaning. Being authentic and comfortable with who you are is a very attractive quality. 

Ask for help if you get discouraged

Maintaining momentum is critical while dating. When you start to feel discouraged and begin to wonder if you really are going to be alone forever, ask for help.  Friends, and family, can provide support and encouragement while a dating coach or a therapist can help you develop a dating strategy and identify any limiting beliefs or patterns that may be keeping you single

Don't settle

Don’t listen to the advice that says you are too picky or that you need to compromise to find companionship. You don’t.  What’s more a relationship that is built on a rocky foundation of settling is unlikely to survive the first storm that comes its way. Keep your standards high and trust that, by following the dating advice for women above that the right person will emerge from that pond of frogs!

The right relationship for you is out there and by having a plan, not settling for “good enough”, and asking for help when the road gets rocky, you will find it!

Good luck!


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